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quote jersey to virginia to colorado. a look at what's on the ballot this tuesday. >>> i'm as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch
, but a big margin thus far in the early returns in new jersey. in virginia tonight t governor's race there, nbc news is characterizing that race as too close to call at this hour. with 76% of precincts in right now, ken cuccinelli with 48% of the vote and terry mccauliffe with 45% of the vote. we now have a projected winner in the lieutenant governor's race. ralph norths a am, with 54% of the vote. and the race for attorney general in virginia, it's still too early to call in the race. right now it's 81% of the vote is in, mark obenshane, this is the one race in virginia that republicans were most confident in, between the governor, the lieutenant governor and the attorney general. but, again, too early to call on the attorney general's race thus far in the commonwealth of virginia. >>> in terms of the big mayor's races right now, in the mayoral race in boston, 26% of precincts reporting. right now, at this point, with only 26% in, there's no projection in this. obviously it's two democrats running against each other in boston as you can see from the onscreen graphics here. >>> in houston'
and virginia are governor elect terry mcauliffe. another opportunity to see q and a. >> whether the election showed if you want to attract a majority of the hispanic voters and triple your african-american vote as a republican, you need to show up. you need to show to the places. in my state hall about a year and a half ago. i had 4.7% of the vote in 2009. i went to their and there were people in the church that voted for me in 2009. you go and you show up and you listen. you start to make your argument about your policies. the results show that is the kind of engagement that we need as republicans all across the country to listen and show up in places where you have not gotten a great amount of vote before. fromother victory speech tuesday's election. this one from terry mcauliffe. he spoke to reporters shortly after it was announced he beat ken cuccinelli. it is less than 20 minutes. >> ♪ [applause] >> thank you. thank you. [crowd chanting "terry"] >> thank you. what a great night, everybody. [applause] you know, over the past few months i have started speeches thanking a lot of politica
. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. >> ryan: west virginia hits a big strike for a touchdown. gets the energy going. gets the mountaineer going. gets ryan nece going. i think he needs more extension. i cont thidon't think count. >> craig: ryan, you've got to work on the push-ups. full extension for it to count, now. >> ryan: i've out of breath now. >> craig: he got the 40 in. it's 40-37, west virginia. one yard deep, marcus johnson. breaks a tackle, swings his way out to the 28 yard line. time to look at our stat comparison, brought to you by kfv. joey, the official sponsor of couch gating. >> joey: how about the stat in the middle. seven sacks by texas tonight. west virginia is leading by three right now. texas with the four take-aways, 16 points on the board from the four take-aways. west virginia up by three. 7:33 to go. longhorns five straight wins. time to keep rolling in the big 12. mccoy. quick throw. pitch and catch. johnson. west virginia again great job swarming to the football tonight. i think one of the bigger stories of the game, we go back to west virginia, but
for watching, and have a great weekend. >> a squeak center purple virginia, and in the deep state of new jersey, a republican route. a look at what election 2013 tells us about the future. tonight on inside story. >> hello, i'm frank se sno. the ing goes all is politics, but the national implications are to be found in the political tea leaves. in virginia, a brass knuckle campaign brought terry mcauliffe to the governor's mansion, and in new jersey, republican governor chris christie raised his national profile with a landslide victory. did he surprisingly well with women, independents, moderates and minority voters. >>> and in colorado voters rejected a major tax increase for schools but voted for a tax to regulate it's new marijuana market. tonight on inside story we're going to search the results for clues to where the country is headed politically. first this background. >> in virginia it was a photo finish in the race for governor. businessman and former democratic national committee chairman terry mcauliffe eked out a victory against attorney general ken cuccinelli winning by a mere two
coverage. wolf blitzer with the latest on virginia's race, too close to call and jake tapper in new jersey with chris christi who won big tonight. here in new york a live shot of the empire state building up in red, white and blue and polls closed moments ago in the race from there and we'll have that information as we go. i want to begin with wolf blitzer who has up to date results. wolf, tight in virginia. bring us up to speed. >> close race, piers, in virginia unfolding right now. the battle for governor in a state that play as crucial role in deciding presidential elections. let's update you on the vote tally as it's coming in right now. 48% for ken cuccinelli, the republican 45% for terry mcauliffe and the libertarian third party candidate. 76% of the votes tabulated 37 vote plus -- 37,000 vote advantage for ken cuccinelli, right now as we stand. in new jersey as you know cnn projects the republican governor chris christie easily winning a second term, a victory that positions him well for a possible run for the white house. and in new york city, the democrat bill de blasio wins. he'l
that the -- the winner of the gubernatorial race in virginia its terry mcauliffe, and that does it for us. the action packed hour. back at midnight with more. stay with us, msnbc's election night coverage, and "the last word" and lawrence o'donnell. >>> it is election night in america. much of america. in new jersey, chris christie re-elected to a second term as governor. we are awaiting a victory speech from governor christie. likely within this hour. in virginia, nbc news project, democratic terry mcauliffe pulled off a narrow victory. defeated, ken cuccinelli, with 96% of the vote in. mcauliffe, has 47%. and libertarian candidate, has 7%. nbc news also projects that democrat ralph northam is winner of the lieutenant-governor race. political director, chuck todd is at the headquarters in tyson's corner, virginia. chuck, how did this race find its way to a terry mcauliffe victory and rather narrow one? >> well, a rather narrow one. i think we can be reminded. virginia is virginia. a swing state for a reason. this is as virginia goes. so goes the nation. it's ben that wen that way for decade. when yo
consequential race is in virginia. it's 7:00 on the east coast now and polls are now closed in virginia. nbc news is characterizing the virginia governors race as too early to call but we can say terry mcauliffe is leading now over republican ken cuccinelli. virginians are also voting to choose a new attorney general. and democrats hope after tonight they will hold all three offices. plus both u.s. senate seats. in new jersey polls close in one hour where governor chris christie has held a substantial lead in his re-election effort. christie's already considered to be a major contender for the 2016 republican presidential nomination. and, of course, a win in this blue northeastern state would make his argument that the gop wins when it runs mainstream conservative candidates not tea partiers on the fringes. and in new york city, democrat bill de blasio has an enormous lead in pre-election polls. he's poised to be the first democratic mayor of the largest city in 24 years. howard fineman and david corn. both are, of course, msnbc political analysts. howard, tonight what you know, share. >> wh
are awaiting a victory speech from governor christie. likely within this hour. in virginia, nbc news project, democratic terry mcauliffe pulled off a narrow victory. defeated, ken cuccinelli, with 96% of the vote in. mcauliffe, has 47%. and libertarian candidate, has 7%. nbc news also projects that democrat ralph northam is winner of the lieutenant-governor race. political director, chuck todd is at the headquarters in tyson's corner, virginia. chuck, how did this race find its way to a terry mcauliffe victory and rather narrow one? >> well, a rather narrow one. i think we can be reminded. virginia is virginia. a swing state for a reason. this is as virginia goes. so goes the nation. it's been that way for the last decade. when you look at the last two weeks. you can on one hand, look at the result tonight. and say the minute, ken cuccinelli was nominated. he was going to have problems in northern virginia. problems in suburban counties. i can tell you, i will give you two results tonight. i know steve schmidt will love this. and henrico county, richmond, suburban county, mcdonald won the co
commonwealth of virginia, not long after the civil war there was a political party called the readjuster party. the democratic party, which was conservative and racist, at the time had been the dominant force in virginia politics for a long time. they were always opposite the republican party or the whig party, depending on the year. but at the other moment, the party challenging the democrats and in fact winning the governorship of virginia, it was not the whigs or the democrats, it was the re-adjuster. i bet there was a thesis of the lost re-adjuster party. i bet i could just google it. he made history, not just because his strange, now forgotten party won that high office. he made history because his time in the state house, his time of governor of virginia in the 1880s, that was the last time that any party in virginia was only able to hold the governorship for one term. before last night, no party in virginia had been turfed out of the governorship after only one term in office since 1995. just in terms of politics, the republican party lose the governorship of virgin
our viewers in the united states and around the world. the morning after election night. in virginia a governor's race closer than anybody expected thanks to bill and hillary clinton's ally terry mcauliffe squeaking by tea party favorite ken cucinnelli. >> virginia, thank you for the honor of electing me to serve as the 72nd governor of the commonwealth of virginia. >> meanwhile in new jersey, chris christie wins re-election and takes his victory lap while keeping an eye on his future. >> our first job is to get the job done. and as long as i'm governor, that job will always always be finished. [ cheers and applause ] >> we begin now with wolf blitzed in washington with tonight's up to the minute results. wolf, bring us up to speed with what happened tonight. >> all right, piers. thank you. the governor's race in virginia as you say certainly more suspenseful than expected. but in the end the former democratic party chairman, terry mcauliffe, pulled it out defeating republican ken cucinnelli who was embraced by the tea party movement. 48% for mcauliffe, 45% for cucinnelli. 7% for the
category. up next, alan taylor recounts the impact of slaves in virginia in the war of 1812 from his national book award nominated title, 7072 through 1832 and this program is one hour. [applause] >> thank you, andrea. thank you for that very nice introduction. i'm so delighted to have the opportunity to present this book here. i would say about half of the writing and a big chunk of the research i did while i had a fellowship here at the international center and so i want to thank andrew for that and my good friend and my amigo for many acts of friendship and for setting such a high bar for the memorial foundation chair in the history of the university of virginia. i want to thank mary scott fleming for keeping the trains running on time for this particular presentation and to christopher oliver assistance in arranging this and it is so profitably spent here. i want to thank my sister and brother-in-law for traveling here from connecticut for this. and i want to thank my family for coming. tina came here from atlanta. they and their family are descendents of ezekiel, who is one of
now terry mcauliffe. is the winner. the next governor of virginia. in new jersey the republican chris christie. we projected awhile ago. he will be re-elected to a second term. very, very easily. then in new york, bill de blasio. next mayor of new york. first time a democratic mayor in two decades. that was the closest of these three major contests tonight on election night here in the united states. but terry mccauliffe, he did it. but in the end he wins. >> he eked it out. this will be so close because virginia has become such an important state in our national politics. how did it get so close? because of obama care. no question. the president's health care plan and the problems with the rollout of the health care plan were an issue late in the campaign. more than half of virginia voters oppose obama care and they broke overwhelmingly for the republican candidate ken cuccinelli. this is why this one got so close at the end. cuccinelli capitalizing on it. how did terry mcauliffe win despite that? more than four in ten voters oppose the tea party movement. you can see the blue. they
romped to an elect win, the question is how big that win will be, the other battle, virginia, this looks oser than what a lot of polls and experts saying. a race bedeviled by a government shut down, then health care debate that was helping that nominee. this is based on about 13% of the expected vote in way too early to tell. we cannot glean from this where ken cuccinelli is getting the votes or terry mcauliffe. way too early there. but virginia, state, turned blue over last few years. welcome i am neil cavuto, you are watching special fox business coverage of an election that could be a teaser for midterm elections next year. all eyes on chris cristez christ could be a president at contest in three years, rich in virginia. >> reporter: supporters are filing in. it has become more democratic over last years, and president obama, with his national elections we're at an election night event, they don't call them victory parties yet. but they say there is reason to celebrate, they are feeling confident, they have led in polls for months. but in a way this has been a very negative election.
standing at tyson's corner, virginia, at the victory party. cameron, you listened to the speech. and clearly he is sending a message nationwide. >> reporter: oh, an emphasis on competence, on leadership, he knows full well that every single thing he said tonight will be put through a prism of presidential politics in 2016. there will be news as soon as tomorrow about plans to begin to build better ties. we've already talked to a lot of republicans in the early caucus states. and they all say they're eager to hear from chris christie more often. because of tonight's victory, they actually advertised it because of his 2016 aspirations, there will be increasingly more demand for him to be to iowa. and the controversy could be a double edged sword. those are states where republican conservatives dominate. and sometimes they frankly frown upon a little too much bipartisanship. >> let's go to virginia, where republican ken churuccinelli is offering a succession speech to terry mcauliffe. >> and folks i have worked with on behalf of virginia for four years, they have sacrificed to work
. >> this is the headline. terry mcauliffe winning. and the blue areas in northern virginia and along the tidewater, virginia area. the one name that was not on the ballot was hillary clinton. she had one public appearance and a number of fundraisers for terry mcauliffe. how much was this a repeat of the scenes if hillary clinton runs in 2016? uest: he got a lot of republicans. he featured them a lot in television ads. that is an emphasis that he tried to make. that is something hillary clinton is considering. she wants to run the way obama did. remember his famous speech in 2004 at the democratic convention when he's -- when he first sprang to attention on the national stage. america, andre one hillary clinton wants to run on that same kind of theme and in that sense, this was a road test for that. is close to the clintons. he came to prominence as a hugely successful fundraiser for them. he is closely associated with both bill and hillary. the networks calling terry mcauliffe the winner. as he wins the race and the commonwealth of virginia. as you look at this map on your describe especially thos
. >> gracias, silvana. buenos días. buenos días a la gente de virginia, y no se asusten, néstor bravo regresa mañana. >> cómo te fue en la madrugada? >> muy bien. es un gusto acompañarlos a ustedes. qué tenemos para hoy? >> tenemos un programa lleno, lleno de mucha información. vamos a habrar de las elecciones de virginia porque ya son mañana. tenemos a un representante del un partido republicano y otro del partido demócrata. también vamos a conocer más a uno de los candidatos. >> vamos a ver qué nos depara el resto de la semana. >> comenzamos. estos son los titulares: [♪música] >> recta final en las elecciones de virginia. este fin de semana el candidato demócrata recibió apoyo del presidente barack obama. >> por su parfré el candito damrepublicano hará campaña hoy, junto a marco rubio. >> una madre ahoga a su bebé mientras le daba de comer. >> entérese qué condiciones atmosféricas nos esperan para esta semana laboral. [♪música] >> y como lo anunciamos, comenzamos con el tema que está acaparando las atención, ya que las elecciones son mañana y el presidente barack
the next four years most democrats and republicans in virginia want to make virginia a model for pragmatic leadership that is friendly to job creation. a model for strong schools that prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow. the model for welcoming the best and brightest scientists and innovators, no matter your race, gender, religion, or who you love. and a model for an official transportation system that reduces grid lock for our families and our business. when all of this is only possible, if virginia is also the model for bipartisan cooperation, and that's a view i their with the next lieutenant governor, the commonwealth of virginia, ralph northland. while there are a lot of proud democrats here, and aren't we proud tonight, folks? i'm also particularly proud to welcome all of the republicans who are here tonight. give them a great round of applause. the truth is that this election was never a choice between democrats and republicans. it was a choice about whether virginia would continue the main stream bipartisan tradition that served us so well over the last decade and a time
. fair enough. that virginia race, i'll tell you what, i'm going to be watching the virginia race. ron paul went to virginia yesterday and said you'd be crazy to vote for the libertarian candidate. i don't know. that race in virginia may be closer than we think, but all eyes i think in the republican party, at least, on alabama to see whether the chamber and joe ricketts and others make a difference. what time is it? >> "morning joe." stay tuned for a very special election day issue of chuck todd's "the daily rundown." >> it's llama time. >>> come on. that music. doesn't it give you tingles? voters are voting. so are candidates. like terry mcauliffe in virginia. in a few minutes we'll talk to his opponent, ken cuccinelli, as he stumps in the final hours. and we'll have the latest on chris christie's garden party to re-election. also this morning, independent turned republican turned dehn charlie crist will talk about his new party in his bid for his old job. history says he's got a tough feat to pull off. >>> plus, big votes in big cities today. new york's battle is just one of about a
. will the republicans hold on to this race? we cannot make a projection right now. in the commonwealth of virginia, the race cuccinelli, the republican, the democrat, terry mcauliffe and the independent third party candidate, robert sarvis. as we wait for real results to come in to help us make a projection, he with want to share what our early exit poll are revealing. these are estimates. they're based on interviews with a sampling of voters in virginia as they left select polling stations. here are the exit poll results. let's take a look. the democrat, terry mcauliffe with 50%. the republican ken cuccinelli with 43%. rob sarvis, the imd third party libertarian with 7%. these are the exit poll results. remember, they are estimates. the final outcome could be different. we want to let you know, we use these exit polls to make projections only in noncompetitive races. we're going to share more exit data like this through the night but we want to be fully transparent with all of you so you get the same accurate information that we have. and hear it directly from us. let's go to john king at the mag
and the results from virginia and new jersey as well. up until then, we will bring you an election preview from national review. they spoke about it today and looked at the house and senate races from 2014. they begin discussions with the governor's races in new jersey and virginia. >> welcome to the national review's preview of the 2014 election and the discussion of the 2013 elections in virginia and new jersey. i am bob costa. we are here with a great panel to talk about the outlook of national politics. i am glad and appreciative to have a great panel with us today. some of the top analysts in the country, to go over the key races and themes that will be animating our discussions in the coming months. starting from the left, we have john fund. he is a senior editor at "the american spectator." he was known for working for decades at "the wall street journal." great to have you here. >> thanks, bob. >> ryan lizza, one of my favorite writers. he joined "the new yorker" after working at "the new republic." he is on tv all the time. thank you for being here. kellyanne conway. she runs a polling
a big impact on national politics and the 2016 presidential race. in virginia, still too early to call, the governor's race, the top contenders are the democrat terry mcauliffe and ken cuccinelli. let's look at actual votes. 17% of the vote is now in virginia. 17% of the vote is in. you see ken cuccinelli 18 and 53% to 40% robert and the libertarian with 7%. those are votes tallied. on the line tonight the mayor's office in new york city, a democrat could win it for the first time in two decades succeeding the independent mayor michael bloomberg. polls close in new york at the top of the hour. there is also a republican congressional primary run off in alabama we're following. it will be a test of the tea party's cloud versus the gop establishment. we're watching that case closely including a proposed marijuana tax in colorado and an effort by colorado residents to secede from the state. in virginia right now, let's take another closer look at the actual votes. you see ken cuccinelli at 53% to 40% for terry mcauliffe. now it just changed 20% of the vote is now -- you see ken cuccinelli
matter here. campaigns matter. terry ran a great race, stuck to the issues that the people of virginia cared about while cucinnelli continued to get more and more extreme. that's the lesson. >> i've got to leave it all there. thanks very much indeed to my panel. that's all fours. stay with cnn on the election surprises and jake tapper at 11:00 and crossfire and live at 11:30 with all the winners and losers. we'll be back at midnight. "ac 360 later" starts right now. >>> good evening, everyone. welcome to "ac 360 later." 2013, the picture tells the story, moments ago jubilation broke out at terry mcauliffe headquarters in virginia. we can now call the election. let's go to wolf blitzer. >> terry mcauliffe has been elected the next governor. we project he has been elected. ken cucinnelli will lose in virginia. right now terry mcauliffe is the next governor in virginia. in new jersey governor chris christie will be re-elected to a second term very easily. in new york city, bill deblasio will be the next mayor of new york. first time in almost two decades there's going to be a democratic m
civic election night 2013 virginia voters have elected mcauliffe set the 22nd and governor a close race and republican governor crist christie whitman said easy reelection in new jersey. i am lou dobbs. lou: good evening. fox news projecting mcauliffe has beaten republican cuccinelli to become virginia's next governor but neither candidate reportedly getting a plurality of votes as it has become a botched a lot of obamacare and new jersey governor crist christie has elevated to night his national profile beating his ready-made by a sizable matt margin and final tallies are coming in but christie is expected to be the first republican to receive more than 50 percent of the vote from new jersey. estate it carried more than 17 points for obama and de blasio cruises to a landslide victory for his race of mayor defeating his opponent to become the first democratic mayor in two decades. started with the tightest race of the evening. said to be the governor of virginia fox news richard edson is live at mcauliffe headquarters in virginia. i can get a sense of the mood. what is the reaction
all. the biggest story tonight was in virginia, where the race between democrat terry mcauliffe and republican ken cuccinelli was a closer one that had been suggested by the polls. it was the vote in northern virginia that came in late tonight, that put terry mcauliffe over the top and he will be the next governor of the commonwealth. republican ken cuccinelli explained his loss tonight in a concession speech to his supporters, saying his loss was not really about him. >> though i'm obviously disappointed by tonight's outcome, and i know you are too, i am immensely proud of the campaign we ran. we were -- we were very heavily outspent, but i'm proud that we ran on first principles, and serious ideas based on those principles. and though we didn't come out on top, you have made a difference and tonight you have sent a message. this race came down to the wire because of obama care. let me say that again. despite being outspent by an unprecedented $15 million, this race came down to the wire because of obama care. that message will go out across america tonight. >> that is t
available in d.c., maryland, and virginia, is u.s.a. today reporter, jane o'donnell. thank you so much for being here. working through all that crazy traffic to get here. >> that's right. >> so your reporting has shown the number of healthcare choices vastly different depending on what state you live in. d.c., maryland, and virginia are quite different. >> that's right. one of the good pieces of good news is virginia has quite a few choices. when you look in rural areas around the country. we found some of them have incredibly few choices that may not surprise you, but this was supposed to fix that problem. virginia does have quite a bit of competition, even in the rural areas. >> that's interesting in virginia, especially since virginia doesn't have its own state exchange. it is really going through the federal, what explains the high number of plans in virginia? >> well, what i learned working at this. when we saw those numbers, we were surprised. a couple medicaid providers. what happened, a lot of the insurance companies don't want to go into states where they were already wo
. at appomattox, both liberators had liberated. the last clash of granted me across the virginia countryside from petersburg to appomattox, my stomach tried on april 9 to break free of a federal trap only to find last escape route blocked by black soldiers and the six regiments of the united states colored troops with one another in the wings. when they heard of lee's capitulation come in black troops knew no bounds. they danced and sang and embraced each other with exuberant joy. the black regiments at appomattox numbering 2000 men in all for a microcosm of black life in america. they included xbase train at kentucky's camp dawson and free blacks at philadelphia's camp william penn. included men who became race leaders in the postwar era searches are not destroying destroyed george washington williams of the baptist editor william demint does the journalistic mentor to none other than ip laws. regardless of their background, the presence of the battlefield with a felt the culmination of a long struggle. if you know, federal or returned with black volunteers, claiming african american men did not
to vote no on obama care and medicaid expansion. >> that ad is making the rounds in virginia, we'll tell you why it didn't work, ahead. [ molly ] honey. whoa! sweet mother of softness. paws off pal. just one squeeze? just enjoy it with your eyes. [ female announcer ] new charmin ultra soft is so soft, you don't even have to squeeze it to believe it. for the first time, you can actually see the softness with our new comfort cushions. new charmin ultra soft is still so much softer and more absorbent, you can use up to four times less. i believe it, but i still gotta squeeze it. [ female announcer ] used by more plumbers, charmin is now clog-free or it's free. >>> we love hearing from you on facebook and twitter, last night, chris christie invoked the spirit of sandy. so my question for you is what would you say the spirit of chris christie is? tweet your answers or post -- post your answers at, stay tuned. we'll be right back. pain. once you feel it coming, it's almost too late. or is it? introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil io
jersey. terry mcauliffe squeaks it out in virginia and new york city elects a democrat to be the mayor for the first time since the go-go 80s. the reaction from debbie wassermann schultz. the tea party may have took it on the chin last night, but doesn't feel that way this morning. what secretary sebelius said to testify again this morning. we will find out how much the health care fight played into voter's minds in the swing state of virginia. good morning from washington. the day after wednesday morning quarterbacking. november 6th, 2013. this is the day after edition. let's get to the first reads of the morning. the surprise of the nate was the nail biter in virginia. democrat terry mcauliffe eeked out a win. he beat cuccinelli by three points by using the obama 2o 12 playbook. he ran up the score especially in the washington suburbs. in suburb and richmond, democratic state senator easily beat the republican winning the contest by double-digits. the attorney general's race remains too close to call with 99% of the vote in. the democrat mark herring leads them by just over 600 votes
. virginia, thank you for the honor of electing me to serve as the 72nd governor of the commonwealth of virginia. thank you, god bless you, god bless the commonwealth of virginia and the united states of america. thank you. ["life is a highway" playing] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> this morning on washington journal we talked about races across the country. this is 45 minutes. host: matt lewis is at our table this morning. for a dailycolumn column. let's begin with what happened last week with the november 2013 off year election. what do you make of it? republicans, three big races to keep an ion. the one to talk about the leased it was in alabama which was a special election congressional race, a primary where you had bradley byrne who was the more business-backed republican defeat a guy who was a more tea party candidate. that is the empire strikes back. that is the republican party re- its authority over its primaries. the two gubernatorial elections, new jersey, how does chris christie thomas h
. in maryland it's about 13%, in virginia 11%. >>> one of loudoun county's top rated high scoring schools is being investigated for allegations of administrators pressuring teachers to change grades. as surae chinn reports, some are accusing the school of widespread cheating at loudoun valley high school in purcellville. >> i noticed the work was well above my son's ability and it could not have come from her. >> reporter: diane ward said her 18-year-old profoundly deaf son could not have scored so high on last spring's test assessment and said the work is not his. >> when i asked him how big is a yard? i gave him examples. he said whose yard, our yard? >> reporter: what was the answer on the test that he gave? >> the correct answer. >> reporter: in the special education room during laura son's testing was sign language interpreter ann reed. >> i witnessed teachers providing answers, attaching sticky notes to the papers, having the students change their answer. >> there was no proof found that that had even occurred. >> the special ed teachers at loudoun valley know they lied during th
nomination, bush saw virginia as a place where he could sweep in, score a victory, improve, and still bring home a swing state. >> virginia's republican candidate for governor, jerry kilgore is about to make last-minute gamble. he'll be joined by president bush. but it's a high-risk strategy, because with the president's popularity at an all-time low, his appearance could have the opposite effect. >> if the democrats were to win in this republican-leaning southern state, that would indicate that the difficulties of the bush administration and of the republican party are having real implications throughout the country. >> reporter: as "the washington post" wrote on election day 2005, the president's advisers last week opted to rearrange yesterday's return, to include a stop in the virginia capital in the hope of helping kilgore pull out a victory. it would offer a well-timed vindication of bush's clout. if kilgore wins, the president's political heart keeps beating. >> ladies and gentlemen, theth president of the united states, george w. bush. >> i appreciate you coming out here to the airpo
heading to the polls on this important decision day across the country. in virginia the race for governor has been crowded with high-profile surrogates stumping for terry mcauliffe and ken cuccinelli. today it's all about who supporters turn out to vote. in the garden state governor chris christie is aiming to run up the score in his re-election bid and there are 312 races for mayor today including the election to replace new york city mayor michael bloomberg after two years in office. every race covered including what tonight's winners and losers could forecast for each party's future. >> you watch what's going to happen tomorrow. i absolutely believe what you're going to see tomorrow is something that hasn't happened in this state in a generation. i had all kinds of folks whispering in my ear today. i'm a democrat. don't tell anybody, i'm voting for you. >> we'll dig deeper into that. also president obama will never be on another ticket but he says he's not done stumping yet. >> i have run my last political campaign. but i'll tell you what, i've got one morecambe pain in me. the campaig
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